What Readers Are Saying

“”CHRONOLOGICAL BIBLE READING GUIDE by Jane Becker Weathers is a wonderfully helpful tool for personal, daily Bible reading. The end notes are VERY helpful, and if you subscribe to the email list, a weekly guide to that weeks’ readings appears automatically in your inbox. I have found this guide to be VERY helpful in accomplishing my personal goal of reading God’s Word in its entirety annually, and am very grateful for Jane’s insights and vision to provide such a helpful Bible study tool.”

John Gage
Worship Pastor
Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield, CA

“THANK YOU for the Bible study.  It has changed my life! The scripture now jumps out of the page at me, living and breathing into me more of the Spirit of the Lord!  At this day and age, I sure need it!

“You speak as a woman, living life with its trials like everyone else.  Yet you see it thru your eyes, and it illuminates us who are blessed by your insights and study.  I am a reader; always have been. Some books are well written, with content that has much to be desired; others have wonderful stories but their writing is tasteless.  In your case, the subject is awesome; and the way you write (very personally) fascinates me!  Keep on, keeping on.”

Coralie Sawyer
Women on Mission President
Second Baptist Church
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

“I have been using the Chronological Bible Reading Guide for six months. I have known the author for many years. The book has very little commentary, but every day provides a reading list. As one reads through the Pentateuch it doesn’t make a lot of difference. I really noticed the difference as I entered into the historical books especially as they relate to David. As you read about an event in the life of David from 2 Samuel or 1 Chronicles you are also reading corresponding chapters from the Psalms. It makes that section come alive. The author also has a web site that can send you a reading list for the week. The email that is sent out does have commentary. Searching with the name of the book and author should provide you information on that email guide as well.

“It is ideal to start in January, but one can start anywhere. Just read for one year and you will have finished reading the Bible chronologically in a year.”

Wayne Penner
Professor, Biblical studies
International College of Bible and Missions
Johannesburg, South Africa

“I am impressed with both the content and the layout of the guide. Its open style helps me to feel “I can do this!”

“The progression through the Bible, but then also the juxtaposition of other passages into the lineup, makes for interesting reading and thought. While there is variety in the sequence of passages, one lives with confidence that by the end of the year I will have read through the entire Bible.

“You have placed a personal vibrancy into the guide by choosing a Scripture for the bottom of each page. It shows that you have read the passages and been spoken to.

“Congratulations on a job well done. May the guide be a blessing to many, many people!”

Palmer Becker, D.Min
Author, Speaker, Retired Pastor
Kitchener, Ontario

I have really enjoyed reading through the Bible this past year. I so appreciate the research and extra notes given throughout as well as the presentation of the scripture in chronological order. It was such a blessing to read the word of God in this manner. Thanks for your investment of time in compiling it and freely offering it for the benefit of others. It was also fun to see some of my old Bible professors quoted in the notes.

This has been such a blessing to me. Thank you for serving others in this way.

I printed out each weeks’ readings and have them in a notebook. So, I am going to unsubscribe to the weekly reading email list as I have the hard copies to do it over again.

Thanks for making it easier to read God’s word consistently.

Heather H.,  2018 Subscriber