Chronological Bible Reading Guide – eBook and email


Chronological Bible Reading Guide presents the arrangement of events recorded in the Bible in sequential order to help us better understand how time flows through and joins, or occasionally separates, these sixty-six individual books. When seen in context with the historical, political, and religious settings, we can better understand the different lessons told in different styles and literary forms including poetry, prophecy and epistles as they are intertwined with history.

These readings are grouped by chapter, and while this does not provide a perfect chronology (if that is even possible), it comes fairly close and helps retain some of the authors’ flow when switching between books.

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The eBook includes dates for one calendar year as well as  week/day times  so you can read at your own rate in your own favorite version of God’s Word.

If you prefer to see just one week’s readings at a time, along with extra notes of interest on some of the readings, the automatic email delivery program is free.