Isaac and Jesus

The story of Isaac in Genesis 21-22 is similar in some ways to the events of the life of Jesus.

Both births were promised in prophecy.

Both were long awaited births.

Both were named before birth (Genesis 17:19, Luke 1:31).

Both were born at an appointed time (Genesis 21:2, Galatians 4:4).

Both births were miraculous, though of a different nature (one to an old barren woman, One to a young virgin).

Both mothers thought this was beyond belief (Genesis 18:10-12, Luke 1:34).

Each father gave his only son (Genesis 22:2, John 3:16).

Both may have been in their early 30’s at the time of sacrifice.

Both were a particular joy to, and were loved by, their fathers.

Both went obediently to be sacrificed.

Both carried the wood for the sacrifice.

Both sacrifices were offered on Mount Moriah.

God spared Isaac, but did not spare His own Son (Romans 8:32).

A ram was offered as a substitute for Isaac.
Jesus, the Lamb of God was offered as a sacrifice for mankind.

Both were saved from death (one before, and One after).

Both arrived back “from the dead” after three days (Abraham’s and Isaac’s was a three-day journey).

The fathers sent servants to look for a bride:
Abraham sent his servant to get a bride (Rebecca) for Isaac.
The Father God sends evangelists to get a bride (the church) for Christ.

All nations will be blessed as the gospel goes to all (Genesis 22:18).

The servants’ primary purpose was to tell about the father’s house “My father is rich” (Genesis 24:35, John 14:2).

We are joint heirs with God’s Son, and Abraham’s children.

Most ideas are from Dr. J. Vernon McGee of Thru the Bible and compiled by Jane Weathers.